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After several years working hard with my coleagues on this project, finally we are ready to launch this Talent Platform. For that, we have started our CrowdFunding campaign to help us, and allow you to register and increase your professional and talent skills.

There are a large number of professional networks and job boards based solely on the number of contacts or people who refer you to a social network. LinkedIn and Infojobs are not based on the real characteristics that make an individual suitable for a job or to develop a project. People who are not known or extroverted have more difficulty reaching out to headhunters and recruiters who know how to identify their abilities and therefore play with a huge disadvantage.

We solve this problem with our talent management platform.

The platform examines candidates based on different areas of personality, ability, intelligence, specific skills you can have or develop, languages, math, programming languages ​​… assess your skills, knowledge and skills. Everything based on more or less complex tests and mechanisms of questions from time to time for you to complete your profile.

What is the purpose?

  • For candidates: this is a Self-awareness tool that allows you to identify your personality, competitiveness & potential skill for your life. It helps you to improve and show others how to apply it to projects, jobs or teams. You can be anonymous and share only the information you want. You can decide to publish your skills if you are interested in a job proposal for which you have been selected.
    (Personality Tests, Technical Competence test, Experiences profile)
  • For recruiters: Profile and Talent Management Platform, talent search & team building tool is included. You can include selection processes to filter candidates and to look for a new talent in the Data Base. The candidates should pass through the procedure of the platform which will allow you to manage different options as selecting profiles based in their potential abilities.
  • For the HR Company Manager: Talent Management Platform integrated with your selection processes, different testing methodology, technical testing and internal evaluations. Our platform allows you and the employees to apply and look for candidates based on their profiles and potential skills in an anonymous mode. Be Real Talent is able to discover potential combinations to create teams or to help employees to develop their careers inside the company.