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RootedCON Videos: DevOps track

Finally you can find some of the videos of the last RootedCON Security Congress (Madrid, March 2017). RootedCON team has created a Youtube playlist for the DevOps track, in English and Spanish.  The videos related to the SEC track, will be released pretty soon. Stay tuned!  

Apple Siri Bug – Deactivating Wi-Fi

After reading the post published by Anton31Kah at Reddit,  where he explains a bug in Siri that allows you to deactivate movile data although the iPhone is locked with a passcode. So I started to do some tests… In the iOS 10.3.2 version is also possible to deactivate the Wi-Fi, does not matter that the iPhone is blocked with a passcode. With … Read More

Be Real Talent

After several years working hard with my coleagues on this project, finally we are ready to launch this Talent Platform. For that, we have started our CrowdFunding campaign to help us, and allow you to register and increase your professional and talent skills. There are a large number of professional networks and job boards based solely on the number of contacts … Read More

Cyberattack evolution in 2017

“Following the trail left last year, the” bad guys “will focus on getting money quickly and easily through fraud and extortion” Revista SIC has asked the question: How will cyberattacks evolve in 2017? To 107 organizations (companies and public and private service centers), which constitute the bulk of the cybersecurity offer sector in Spain. From its replies, it can be deduced … Read More

Smart Society: Protecting the digital world of tomorrow

On Tuesday 15th November, I will be presenting my talk “NOSEC” in the event Smart Society, sponsored by Oracle. Don’t miss out! 😉