“Following the trail left last year, the” bad guys “will focus on getting money quickly and easily through fraud and extortion”
Revista SIC has asked the question: How will cyberattacks evolve in 2017? To 107 organizations (companies and public and private service centers), which constitute the bulk of the cybersecurity offer sector in Spain. From its replies, it can be deduced that, in addition to increasing the typologies already seen in 2016 and in previous years, IoT enters with force as an objective of the attackers and with it sectors hitherto not specially “worked” by the delinquency.

I was lucky to be participating on myself and RootedCON to give our impression of what will happen in terms of Computer Security this year.

In my answer, I wanted to highlight the fraud crimes against users and companies, as well as the “rescue” of files due to the extortion via Ransomware. These are now considered as the most “profitable” cyber-crimes.

You can find here the full article HERE